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“Emotional Bystanders”
In this exhibition, New York native @hesicollectiv sheds light on what he sees as a desensitized world. A theme that resonates is nostalgia; “Do you remember when wearing your heart on your sleeve was a badge of honor?” Visually, he responds via boldly colored portraiture calling us back to a time when emotional vulnerability was acceptable. The collection of works captures the viewer, whilst simultaneously questioning our collective shortened attention span.

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The Locker Room Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Jasper socia @jaspersocia. A euphony of color and form, the works are a window into an unbound visionary expression of and reverence for the joy and mystery of life and the spirit of the “unseen” world.

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“New York is Dead”
The Locker Room Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition featuring the works made by ten artists during an artist residency program that ran in February of 2021 at our South Williamsburg studio. As millions fled New York during the pandemic, many declared the final fall of the city with headlines reading “New York is Dead”. The Locker Room dedicated itself to challenging this notion, retorting that while some may have left, others doubled down and kept the cultural flame of the city burning in the back of closed restaurants, small apartments, and basement studios. Through installations, programs, and curation, we pondered whether New York may in fact be better off without those who took their fortunes to other cities, turning their back on the small businesses that needed support. With the residency program “lockdown”, we wanted to experiment with what happens when artists across multiple mediums--painting to film, music to mixed media--create a body of work informed by each other and this unique moment in history. This exhibit tells the story of a community during the pandemic and of social tumbling in the time of social distancing.

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Broken Salon Presents: “New Year, New York”:
The Locker Room invited 30-based New York-based artists to share work created during lockdown. Looking back on the past year, artists were asked to reflect on the lessons learned while beginning to dream up what this “New New York” might look and feel like.
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