While the headlines read ‘New York is Dead’, the cultural flame of this city burns late into the night… The truth is, the city has finally been reclaimed by its citizens, as hundreds of thousands leave the city and it begins to feel smaller and smaller. More people have left New York than any other city in the country. The “New York is Dead” installation is a love letter to those doubling down in New York and choosing to rebuild and a golf clap to those on their way out. As Jerry Seinfeld said, “We’re going to keep going with New York City if that’s all right with you. Because of all the real, tough New Yorkers who, unlike you, loved it and understood it, stayed and rebuilt it.”. This installation will take place across Los Angeles, Miami and New York - on the streets, in the air, and underground. This installation is the official kick-off of our February artist residency program here in Brooklyn where we will lock down 15 NY-based artists at the gallery for a month of creation. Learn more about the residency here. So.. keep your head up, look to the sky, spread the word.

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